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About us & FAQs

Your Fairy Godmothers

Hello! We are your Fairy Godmothers who love to celebrate the joy of your child’s imagination.

UK Portrait Photographer Jo BlackwellPIN

Image by Rose Pierce

Jo Blackwell – Photographer

Writer, blogger, photographer and proud grandmother, I tell stories in words and pictures. The inspiration for Wings and Whimsy came as I watched a little girl in the park who was wearing fairy wings. Oblivious to everyone around, she was dancing and singing and twirling and it was just lovely seeing her exercising her imagination in the sunshine. I realised that most “fairy photography” takes place indoors with staged sets. Getting children outside and learning about nature is one of my passions. As a child, I loved the “Flower Fairies” books and these influenced our original stylist and costume maker, Lisa Pocklington.

photographers-colour-registeredPIN – Beautiful Portrait Photography for Women – my blog which brings all my projects and interests together in one place – my children’s website and online club. Based on my bestselling books for 1-6 year olds which recount the adventures of three little teddy bear brothers and their friends.

Fairy Photography UKPINSally Selwood – Stylist and Host 

Blogger, crafter, Brownie leader and busy Mum, Sally organises Vintage events and sells quirky, quintessentially English tea cosies from up-cycled knitwear.


Below are some of the questions we have been asked. Please get in touch if you have any other queries.

Q: Will my child’s photographs be the same as those on the Wings and Whimsy Website?

A: Yes…and no! Every Wings and Whimsy event is different: Location, theme, styling, costume – all will change, as will the seasons. However, all little girls will have the opportunity to dance, twirl, play with our props etc, so many of the poses will be similar. The way we process the images to give that soft, dreamy look will also be consistent.

Q: Can I book an Enchanted Portrait Shoot exclusively for my daughter?

A: Yes – we would be delighted to design a shoot especially for your daughter, based on her personality and interests. Get in touch to tell us your ideas.

Q: Do you design Enchanted Portraits for adults?

A: Absolutely – we are looking forward to working with several “grown ups” to bring their imaginations to life!

Q: What about boys?

A: We currently have a knight’s outfit, plus Robin Hood and Peter Pan, and we would love to welcome more little boys to the Wings and Whimsy experience!

Q: What age do you recommend?

A: 4 to 8 years is the optimum age range for children to get the most out of an Enchanted Portrait shoot with us. That said, we have worked with an 18 month old and an eleven year old – so long as a child is able to take direction and still “believes”, all children are different and you know your child best.

Q: What happens if it rains?

A: Unless it is bucketing down and looks to be set in for the day, we will go ahead. We have captured some beautiful images after the rain has passed: see the Poppy Fairy  and the Lilac Fairy.  Everything looks fresh and bright after a shower! If we do have to cancel due to bad weather, we will do our best to rearrange a time with you.