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Magical Fairy Garden – Kathy Brown’s Garden

There is a most magical fairy garden hidden in a small village in the heart of England. From a cottage garden, resplendent with roses, to a sea of ornamental grasses, from a swing hanging from the branches of a beech tree to a wildflower meadow via an orchard – we are privileged to be able to shoot in Kathy Brown’s Garden in Stevington, Bedfordshire. Star of our “Experience Wings and Whimsy” video, the four and half acre Manor House garden has been developed imaginatively over the past 20 years by Kathy and her husband, Simon and is a dream of a location for Enchanted Portraits!

“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.” ~ Audrey Hepburn

We use different areas of the garden, according to the season, to take advantage of the different blooms. This year, a total of just 10 special children will have the opportunity to play in this magical fairy garden as we have exclusive use on Saturday 11th June, and Friday 12th August.

A Magical Fairy GardenPINKathy describes the different seasons:

In June:

The June garden is wonderfully explosive as the roses turn from bud to bloom and their scent wafts on the air. They festoon the old walls, the trees and the pergola in the cottage garden; they clamber over two of the arches in the wisteria walk and surround the gazebo just behind. They criss cross several beams around the old pool. They climb the house walls, and the barn walls. They clamber through the trees around the lawn and in the orchard and winter walk. We have over forty climbing and rambling roses, each a huge delight. The Garden is also full of poppies, white hesperis, masses of purple Allium christophii, iris, nigella, astrantia, delphiniums, geraniums and  foxgloves all my favourite flowers, rich with nectar and insects. Fragrant white Philadelphus flowers as well.

In August:

…it is the naturalistic borders which really steal the show. Golden grasses including Calamagrostis Overdam, Stipa tenuissima and Deshampsia Goldtau join ranks with baby and taller solidago, whispy purple verbenas, and super echinaceas including orange/pink ‘Hot Summer’ dark pink ‘Fatal Attraction’, green/pink ‘Green Envy’ and white ‘Virgin’ and ‘White Swan’ echinaceas, some planted along with blue Geranium Rozanne, sedums etc. The bees and butterflies love them all. It is magical to wander through the paths which dissect the borders enjoying the movement and back light.

Kathy BrownPINAt the last event, We had a full house at this special Wings and Whimsy event, with five little girls transforming into summer fairies and enjoying running around in the extensive ground while their mums sipped tea, enjoyed some delicious homemade cake and chatted with Sally in the conservatory.  Magical Garden FairiesPIN

There are covered areas too in case of rain, and a very special “fairy toilet”… Throughout the summer, Kathy opens the gardens to the public on Tuesdays, serving her famous cakes and offering tours. See the website for further details. However, there are only selected days where you can have your child’s portrait made in this magical place.

Kathy Brown has created such a beautiful garden, perfect for this kind of photography. Creating beautiful artwork for your walls is easy with this setting as a back drop!



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