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The Littlest Fairy

Iona was desperate to be “a butterfly” like her big sister, Heather. At 18months old, she was a little young to really take part in an Enchanted Portrait Event. However, when one of our booked fairies did not appear, we dressed her up and were rewarded by the biggest smile from our littlest fairy.

The Littlest FairyPINNature provides so many wonders – like giant daisies, some taller than a fairy! The Littlest FairyPIN

Iona wears her fairy crown lightly!
The Littlest FairyPIN Fairy SistersPINAnd so to sleep… it was lovely to hear Iona singing happily in Kathy Brown’s beautiful garden in Stevington, Bedfordshire.

Now booking our next Wings and Whimsy Portrait Events in Kathy Brown’s Garden: Saturday 11th June and Friday 12th August.


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